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Stop by the LMC Truck tent for a chance to win free prizes and giveaways!

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Stop By the LMC Truck tent for a chance to win free prizes and giveaways!

Upcoming Shows:

Please stay tuned for upcoming shows in your area.

Past Shows:

Enter Your Truck / SUV!

Fill out the form to the right for a chance to showcase YOUR truck or SUV in the LMC booth at the show!

Enter Your Truck!

The customer selected to display their truck in the LMC Truck booth at the Truck Show with LMC Truck must meet the following requirements!

  1. Getting their vehicle to and from show.
  2. Must have LMC Truck parts on the vehicle.
  3. Cannot advertise for anyone else at the event, (no decals, stickers, or signage).
  4. Vehicle must be parked in booth for the entire event at all times.
  5. Depending on the specific truck show, customer may not be able to enter their vehicle to compete in the show.
  6. Owner of selected vehicle will receive a $250 gift certificate, a truck cover, and a LMC t-shirt to wear at the event.
  7. LMC Truck will pay selected vehicle entrance fee.
  8. LMC Truck may use your photo for LMC Truck promotional opportunities.

Upcoming Shows:

Past Shows :