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Viewing Features For: 1973-1987 Chevy Truck and GMC Truck
Rear Mount Gas Tank

Rear Mount Gas Tank

1973-87 Chevrolet Pickup Truck
1973-87 GMC Pickup Truck

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Replace your side frame rail gas tank with a rear frame rail mount tank. This aluminum gas tank moves the fuel's weight, adding traction to the rear wheels of the truck. Gas tank could also be used as an auxiliary tank for extra fuel reserve and fewer trips to the gas station. Rust, scale and the effects of time cause corrosion of your gas tank. These deposits can cause the tank to leak or create fuel flow problems. Eliminate this risk by replacing your gas tank today!

This baffled 20-gallon bed-fill aluminum gas tank is flanged for frame rail mounting and includes fuel line fittings. Additional parts will be necessary to complete the installation. You will need to add a sending unit, flush-mount fuel filler, filler hose, anti-squeak kit and mounting kit, each sold separately. You will need to cut a hole in your bed floor for the fuel filler, extend the fuel feed line and sending unit wires and relocate the frame mounted spare tire. Flush-mount fuel fillers are available in polished finish with a keyed cap or pop-up twist knob. Order the filler hose to make the connection between the fuel filler and rear mount tank.

Make: Chevrolet, Chevy, GMC
Model: C10, C15, C20, C25, K10, K15, K20, K25
Year: 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, 1987


32-5915 (1) GAS TANK-ALUMINUM-18 GALLON CHEVY GMC 73-87 (1) 479.95   ADD TO CART
32-3998 (2) TANK MOUNTING KIT-32 PCS CHEVY GMC 73-87 (1) 4.95   ADD TO CART
33-5810 (3) GAS TANK ANTI-SQUEAK KIT CHEVY GMC 73-87 (1) 14.95   ADD TO CART
32-4002 (4) SENDING UNIT CHEVY GMC 73-87 (1) 34.95   ADD TO CART
32-5804 (5) FUEL FILLER-POLISHED KEYED 73-87 (1) 59.95   ADD TO CART
32-5803 (6) FUEL FILLER-POLISHED POP-UP 73-87 (1) 69.95   ADD TO CART
32-3352 (7) FILLER HOSE-4" 1-1/2" ID W/CLAMPS (1) 9.95   ADD TO CART
32-3499 (8) ALUMINUM FUEL LINE-3/8" 20' ROLL (1) 24.95   ADD TO CART
30-1748 (9) FUEL LINE CLIP SET-8PC 3/8" (1) 11.95   ADD TO CART
32-1948 (10) FUEL HOSE-2FT 3/8" ID W/4 CLAMPS (1) 5.95   ADD TO CART