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Viewing Features For: 1948-1956 Ford Truck
LMC Truck Covers

LMC Truck Covers

1948-52 F1 - F2
1953-56 F100 - F250

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Universal fit truck covers protect from acid rain, dust, tree sap, industrial pollutants, harmful UV rays, animal traffic and bird droppings. Fabric will not stretch or shrink and resists rot and mildew. Elastic is sewn into the front and rear hems to ensure a snug fit.

In summer a cover keeps the interior cooler and helps protect from the sun's damaging rays, which can cause fading and deterioration. In winter it can keep the snow and ice off your glass and finish.

LMC Truck Covers offer three levels of vehicle protection, all priced right; choose the cover that fits your needs.

LMC 1000 - Designed for Moderate Weather Conditions
  • Durable synthetic fabric has the look and feel of more expensive covers.
  • Water resistant, yet breathable.
  • Double-stitched seams for maximum strength.
LMC 3000 - Superior Protection at a Great Value
  • Soft cushioning layer protects your paint.
  • Superior breathable 3-layer synthetic fabric is highly water resistant, even during downpours.
  • No-leak construction achieved through ultrasonic welding.
  • UV-stable materials ensure a long life.
  • Ideal for long-term vehicle storage.
LMC 4000 - Best Protection for Your Truck or SUV
  • Designed for the truck enthusiast.
  • 4-layer synthetic fabric has fleece-lined bottom layer to protect fine automotive finishes.
  • Durable outer layer, breathable 2nd layer, protective 3rd layer, soft fleece 4th layer.
  • High water resistance - virtually waterproof yet breathable.
  • Ultrasonic welding seals seams tight.
  • Patented UV Stabilizer is used to ensure a long life.
  • Ideal for long-term vehicle storage.
  • Tie-down strap and buckle attached with strap pocket built into cover for easy storage.

Truck Cover Lock Kit - Keep your truck cover from being ripped-off by thieves or high winds with this security cable and lock. Sides of LMC Truck Covers are equipped with plastic grommets to accommodate the security cable.

Antenna Grommet - Eliminate the need to remove the antenna each time you install your cover. Once attached to any size cover, this soft rubber antenna grommet will easily fit over any antenna mast up to 1/2" in diameter. Made from soft rubber, the antenna grommet won't scratch or damage the finish on your vehicle. Includes easy-to-follow instructions.

Make: Ford
Model: F1, F100, F2, F250
Year: 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1955, 1956


48-8800 LMC 1000 TRUCK COVER SHORTBED 48-56 (1) 74.94 59.95   ADD TO CART
48-8801 LMC 1000 TRUCK COVER LONGBED 48-56 (1) 74.94 59.95   ADD TO CART
48-8810 LMC 3000 TRUCK COVER SHORTBED 48-56 (1) 124.94 99.95   ADD TO CART
48-8811 LMC 3000 TRUCK COVER LONGBED 48-56 (1) 124.94 99.95   ADD TO CART
48-8820 LMC 4000 TRUCK COVER SHORTBED 48-56 (1) 212.44 169.95   ADD TO CART
48-8821 LMC 4000 TRUCK COVER LONGBED 48-56 (1) 212.44 169.95   ADD TO CART