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LMC Truck Fitech Electronic Fuel Injection Conversion Kit
FiTech EFI Conversion Kit FiTech EFI Conversion Kit Components FiTech EFI Conversion Kit Touchscreen Handheld Controller FiTech EFI Conversion Kit Installed FiTech EFI Conversion 1

* Not for use on pollution controlled vehicles

FiTech EFI Conversion Kit



Part #38-4513

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Part #38-4512

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The FiTech EFI Conversion Kit gives you the improved drivability, gas mileage and performance that fuel injection offers, without spending all that time tuning. The self-tuning ECU immediately takes over after startup to provide your truck an optimal tune.

FiTech EFI Kit fits any 4-bbl intake manifold and is the most self-contained and full-featured unit of its type. This self-learning EFI kit offers spark control without the need for an external spark box or special distributor. Kit also features a built-in fuel pressure regulator, and the self-learning ECU (computer) is mounted on the throttle body, so no hole in the firewall and no harness draped across your engine.

The handheld controller features a touch screen for quick and easy initial setup. It is designed for engines rated from 250-600HP, making it ideal for the daily driver or weekend street machine. EFI kit includes all required sensors and fully detailed, illustrated instructions. Available in black or semi-polished finish.

FiTech EFI Conversion Kit Rebate

FiTech is offering a $50.00 rebate for two parts sold by LMC Truck.

  • LMC Truck part #38-4513 is the same as FiTech part #30001
  • LMC Truck part #38-4512 is the same as FiTech part #30002

To qualify you will need the following:

  • Complete the FiTech rebate coupon
    (click here to view and download the coupon)
  • Original invoice
  • UPC label from the original FiTech packaging
  • Mail all three items to:
    FiTech Rebate
    P.O. Box 763
    Walled Lake, MI 48390

From Our Research Department

"Very rarely have I come across a product, of any type, that is 'as advertised.' That's especially true of automotive parts. From the moment I first heard of the FiTech EFI system, and after all of the research that I did on the product, it almost sounded too good to be true. A self-learning EFI system that can be used on engines ranging from 250-600HP, installs easily and doesn't require a laptop or professional tuning. See what I mean about too good to be true? We had to get our hands on one and see for ourselves. After installing one on our '79 Bronco and having driven it in both carbureted form and fuel-injected form, I can truthfully say the FiTech EFI system is as advertised."
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For a returnless system that requires no modification of existing fuel pump or fuel tank, use the FiTech EFU Kit with Command Center or the Inline Fuel Delivery Kit, both sold separately.

FiTech Fuel Command Center

Fuel Command Center


Part #38-4516

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The Fuel Command Center utilizes a sump tank mounted in the engine compartment for easy plumbing and no fuel tank modifications required. Uses existing stock low pressure pump to supply fuel to the Fuel Command Center where a reservoir of fuel is in the sump tank at all times, so the internal 340 L/PH pump is submerged in fuel for quiet, efficient operation. A float automatically shuts off the incoming fuel when the correct fuel level is reached. The stock pump is then deadheading against the Fuel Command Center just like it normally would against a fuel pressure regulator. When the engine is running the Fuel Command Center pump supplies high pressure (58 PSI) fuel to the EFI throttle body.

FiTech Inline Fuel Delivery Kit

Fuel Delivery Kit


Part #38-4517

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The Inline Fuel Delivery Kit utilizes an inline fuel pump and requires plumbing of supply and return lines to your fuel tank. Includes 255 L/PH inline fuel pump, insulated mounting clamps, 20 feet of EFI grade push lock style hose and hose ends for assembly of supply and return lines and 2 billet filters (a 100 micron pre-filter and a 30 micron post-filter).