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Front Bumper and Components

1996-02 Chevy & GMC Full-Size Van
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Full Parts List
Part # Description Application Reqd Price Stock Status QTY.
1 39-5240-T
Chrome Bumper Chevy GMC 96-02 1
1 39-5241-T
Primer Bumper "A"
  • "A" Without holes for bumper trim.
Chevy GMC 96-02 1 $149.95 In Stock
QTY Required
  • "A" Without holes for bumper trim.
2 31-3315
Trim Cap-Textured-Dark Gray Chevy GMC 96-02 1
3 31-3656
End Cap-Textured-Left Hand-Dark Gray Chevy GMC 96-02 1
4 31-3657
End Cap-Textured-Right Hand-Dark Gray Chevy GMC 96-02 1
Part # Description Application Reqd Price Stock Status QTY.

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