Header Wrap

Header Wrap

Increase performance by keeping hot exhaust gasses inside the headers for maximum velocity, improved exhaust scavenging and protecting sensitive engine components from high temperatures.

Header Wrap is able to withstand temperatures up to 1,200°F and is made from vermiculite-coated, textured fiberglass yarn woven into a strong, flexible wrap that can easily be cut with scissors.

Available in 25 or 50 foot rolls of 1" or 2" widths. Two 50 foot rolls of 2" wide are generally enough to wrap standard V8 headers. Stainless steel locking cable ties keep the wrap securely in place. Header Wrap can void warranty of some headers. Check header manufacturer's warranty before installing.

Headers with tight bends should use 1" wide wrap for coverage. Overlap wrap 1/4" for optimum heat dissipation.

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Header Wrap 1" x 25' $10.95 In Stock
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Header Wrap 1" x 50' Temporarily
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Header Wrap 2" x 25' $16.45 In Stock
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Header Wrap 2" x 50' $29.95 In Stock
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Cable Tie-Stainless Steel 7-1/2" $2.95 In Stock
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Cable Tie-Stainless Steel 14-1/2" $3.95 In Stock
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