Shipping USPS Priority Mail to Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. Territories

USPS Priority to Alaska, Hawaii, and U.S. Territories

The chart below shows shipping charges on orders up to $500.00 that qualify to ship USPS Priority Mail. Parts must be 108 inches or less and weigh 70 pounds or less to qualify for USPS Priority Mail. If any part does not meet these qualifications, your order will be delivered by ground for additional charges.

All orders will ship complete. Any additional delivery charges will be added to your total as needed, including Oversize Part charges or overweight charges.

We will need a daytime phone number with your order. If there is a problem with your order, we will attempt to contact you three times. If we are unsuccessful, your order will be cancelled 5 days after that third failed attempt. 

Order Parts Total USPS Priority Mail to Alaska, Hawaii & U.S. Territories
up to $20.00 $19.95

$20.01 - $50.00

$50.01 - $75.00 $36.95
$75.01 - $100.00 $41.95
$100.01 - $150.00 $45.95
$150.01 - $250.00 $54.95
$250.01 - $350.00 $65.95
$350.01 - $500.00 $71.95
$500.01 and up Quote

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