Air Conditioning Systems with Under Dash Switching

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Air Conditioning Systems 
with Under Dash Switching
  1. Air Conditioning Systems 
with Under Dash Switching

These complete AC, heat and defrost systems are controlled via electronic operation. The unit is mounted under the dash and installs to the firewall using the supplied template. AC and heater fittings pass through a custom rubber grommet. Step-by-step, fully-detailed illustrated instructions are included.

AC Systems utilize under dash vents and are designed for use with R134A refrigerant. Electronic control systems utilize under dash switches to operate the servo motors that control mode selection and heater valve function.

43-0561 AC system with compressor is designed for use with Ford V8 engines. Order the corresponding mount bracket or mount and drive kit based on your truck's engine, see below.

43-0563 AC system without compressor is ideal for trucks that have swapped engines and/or already have installed an AC compressor as part of their engine’s accessory drive system.

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Air Conditioning System With Compr-Electronic
Under Dash Electronic Controls
F-Series 67-72 1 $1,499.95 In Stock
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Includes Parts for the Following Models:

1967 Ford F100 Pickup 2WD 1968 Ford F100 Pickup 2WD 1969 Ford F100 Pickup 2WD 1970 Ford F100 Pickup 2WD 1971 Ford F100 Pickup 2WD 1972 Ford F100 Pickup 2WD 1967 Ford F100 Pickup 4WD 1968 Ford F100 Pickup 4WD 1969 Ford F100 Pickup 4WD 1970 Ford F100 Pickup 4WD 1971 Ford F100 Pickup 4WD 1972 Ford F100 Pickup 4WD 1967 Ford F250 Pickup 2WD 1968 Ford F250 Pickup 2WD 1969 Ford F250 Pickup 2WD 1970 Ford F250 Pickup 2WD 1971 Ford F250 Pickup 2WD 1972 Ford F250 Pickup 2WD 1967 Ford F250 Pickup 4WD 1968 Ford F250 Pickup 4WD 1969 Ford F250 Pickup 4WD 1970 Ford F250 Pickup 4WD 1971 Ford F250 Pickup 4WD 1972 Ford F250 Pickup 4WD 1967 Ford F350 Pickup 2WD 1968 Ford F350 Pickup 2WD 1969 Ford F350 Pickup 2WD 1970 Ford F350 Pickup 2WD 1971 Ford F350 Pickup 2WD 1972 Ford F350 Pickup 2WD 1967 Ford F350 Pickup 4WD 1968 Ford F350 Pickup 4WD 1969 Ford F350 Pickup 4WD 1970 Ford F350 Pickup 4WD 1971 Ford F350 Pickup 4WD 1972 Ford F350 Pickup 4WD

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