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1973-87 Hydraulic Brake Assist Kit

1973-87 Hydraulic Brake Assist Kit

Replace your manual or vacuum-assisted brakes with a powerful and compact modern hydraulic assist unit that puts out 1,800 psi at the wheels for improved braking performance and safety. Kit will work on any motor with a power steering pump, since vacuum to the booster will no longer be required.

Street Beast Kit contains a direct fit hydraulic brake assist unit, master cylinder, firewall mounting bracket, high pressure and return lines, pedal rod and mounting hardware.

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1973-87 STD Cab 1/2 Ton
Hydraulic Brake Asst Kit-Street 2 Wheel Drive 1/2 Ton 73-87 1 $849.95 In Stock
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Vehicle Application

Includes Parts for the Following Models:

1973 Chevy C10 Pickup 1974 Chevy C10 Pickup 1975 Chevy C10 Pickup 1976 Chevy C10 Pickup 1977 Chevy C10 Pickup 1978 Chevy C10 Pickup 1979 Chevy C10 Pickup 1980 Chevy C10 Pickup 1981 Chevy C10 Pickup 1982 Chevy C10 Pickup 1983 Chevy C10 Pickup 1984 Chevy C10 Pickup 1985 Chevy C10 Pickup 1986 Chevy C10 Pickup 1987 Chevy C10 Pickup 1973 GMC C15 Pickup 1974 GMC C15 Pickup 1975 GMC C15 Pickup 1976 GMC C15 Pickup 1977 GMC C15 Pickup 1978 GMC C15 Pickup 1979 GMC C15 Pickup 1980 GMC C15 Pickup 1981 GMC C15 Pickup 1982 GMC C15 Pickup 1983 GMC C15 Pickup 1984 GMC C15 Pickup 1985 GMC C15 Pickup 1986 GMC C15 Pickup 1987 GMC C15 Pickup

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