1967-72 Chevrolet/GMC Truck & SUV Vehicle History

1967-72 Chevy/GMC Trucks, Blazer, Jimmy & Suburban


Defines an era of Chevrolet pickups that are contemporary classics. The new body style that blended the cab and the bed into one fluid and harmonious design gave this range of trucks a look that was strikingly different when new and modern, even today.


"Chevrolet" letters across on hood and bowtie emblem on grille. GMC letters embossed in center of grille. Small rear window is standard and big window was optional. Steel floor was standard on the Fleetside bed with a wood floor being optional and wood standard on the Stepside. Trim levels available in Standard, Custom and Custom Sport Truck (CST) trim levels. Suburban dropped Carryall from its name and added a 3/4 ton version. 3rd door on passenger side was new and were available with a tailgate or cargo doors. 2nd and 3rd row seats were optional. 250 and 292 inline 6-cylinder engines offered, while a 305 V6 was available only in GMC trucks. V8 engines included 283 and 327. Transmissions available: 3 Speed manual, 3 Speed manual with overdrive on 1/2 ton only, 4 Speed manual and two automatics; Powerglide and Turbo Hydra-matic.


GMC grille lettering moved from grille to leading edge of hood. Small rear window discontinued due to federal regulations. Front and rear sidemarker lamps added. Longhorn Fleetside pickup offered with 133 inch wheelbase and 8-1/2 foot bed. 50th anniversary edition included gold and white exterior and matching interior. Custom Camper 4WD offered with heavy-duty rear springs and shocks, larger tires. 307 V8 replaced 283. 396 V8 optional.


Hood changed to near vertical front face. New grille on Chevrolet models with integrated parking lights. Bowtie emblem moved to hood. Various comfort and appearance packages available. Foot operated parking brake replaced previous hand operated type. Blazer model available as 4WD only. Black or white removable fiberglass top was optional. 2 spoke steering wheel replaced 3 spoke version on all models. Power steering available on 4WD trucks. New 350 V8 replaced 327. 305 V6 dropped midyear.


Tilt steering wheel was optional. 2WD Blazer available, Jimmy introduced in 2WD and 4WD. Optional bed mounted storage compartment on right hand side of trucks. Frame mounted auxiliary fuel tank optional on 3/4 ton Fleetsides. Rear air shocks available on models with rear coil springs. 4WD models could order the Turbo Hydra-matic for the first time. 402 V8 (called the 400) replaced the 396.


Chevy and GMC grilles redesigned. Bowtie moved back to center of grille on Chevrolet models. Parking lights changed to amber and moved to bumper. Chevrolet trim levels were Custom, Custom Deluxe and Cheyenne. GMC trim levels were Custom, Super Custom and Sierra. Front disc brakes replaced drums on all models. Cheyenne Super and Sierra Grande offered. Fuel evaporative system standard on 1/2 ton. Stricter exhaust emissions reduced power and fuel economy.


New interior trim package Highlander offered. Molded plastic door trim panels replaced metal type. Interior mirror now attached to windshield. Suburban and 1/2 tons trucks no longer available with 292 engine.

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