1960-66 Chevrolet/GMC Truck Vehicle History

1960-66 Chevy/GMC Trucks


Trucks were redesigned to be larger and lower giving them a more square appearance and better cornering, less top heavy. Hood front now included two large oval pods housing the parklights. New independent front suspension with ball joints and torsion bars.


Few changes for 1961. The brake and clutch pedals came down from the dash instead of up from the floor. On the exterior, the "CHEVROLET" letters were moved to the center of the grill. Hubcaps had the Chevy Bowtie emblem in the flat center section.


New lowered hood without the large oval pods, still incorporated the parklights at each corner. Single headlights replaced the duals and the "CHEVROLET" lettering in the grille moved to the bottom.


New round housings for the headlights and a new grille were added for this model. The side emblems were moved behind the wheel wells. Most importantly alternators took the place of generators in all models. Front suspensions were changed to coil springs from torsion bars.


New flat windshield and new doors. New housing for headlights became square. The interior received a new dash. Self-adjusting brakes became an important new feature.


The only change for this year was the side emblem. It was Bowtie with series number beside it.


The side emblem changed again this year by placing series number below the Bowtie. Standard features, required by federal law, now included seat belts, side mirror, windshield wipers (2-speed electric) and reverse lamps.

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