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1972-93 Dodge Truck & Ramcharger Vehicle History

1972-93 Dodge Trucks & SUVs


Models incorporated more comfort, convenience and serviceability. Larger windshield and back window improved outward visibility. Curved door glass added four inches of shoulder room. Gauges were recessed to prevent glare. Fuse box and emergency flashers were located behind the glove box door for easy access. Two-wheel drive models featured coil link front suspension and four-wheel drive models featured leaf spring front suspension, heavy-duty chassis components and larger rear brakes. Available options included power front disc brakes, power steering and cruise control. In-cab fuel tank for standard cab models.


Club Cab introduced, adding 18 more inches of cargo or passenger space. Electronic ignition now available on all engines as an option.


New grille design and optional 440 cubic inch V8 replaced the 400 cubic inch V8. Fuel tank for standard cab trucks relocated inside the frame rail. Ramcharger SUV available only with four-wheel drive and either 318 or 440 cubic inch V8. Factory removable roof was optional.


Revised instrument panel and side molding design. Four-wheel drive models received updated suspension geometry and components. Full-time four-wheel drive standard on all four-wheel drive models. Two-wheel drive Ramcharger model added as well as 225 cubic inch slant six cylinder engine.


Bench seat back now hinged for easier access to storage behind the seat. Glide out spare tire carrier added.


Warlock trim level introduced on standard cab shortbed Utiline pickup, featuring gold spoke wheels, gold pinstriping and real oak bed side boards. A new grille incorporated rectangular parking lights. New seat trim and door panels added.


Macho Power Wagon and Macho Ramcharger introduced. Li'l Red Express Truck added with a heavy-duty 360 cubic inch V8 equipped with four-barrel carburetor backed by a 3.55:1 rear axle. The Midnite Express was available for the 1978 model year only. This truck was equipped much like the Li'l Red Express with exhaust stacks, wheels and gold pinstriping. The Midnite Express was painted black instead of red and featured a "Midnite Express Truck" decal on the door. Most Midnite Express trucks were powered by the 440 engine, instead of the 360 like the Li'l Red Express.


New sheet metal, consisting of hood, cowl panel, grilles and headlights. Top trim levels equipped with four rectangular headlights. Lower trim levels were equipped with two round headlights. Li'l Red Express Truck dropped.


Grille openings painted black. Four-wheel drive models changed to part-time four-wheel drive. D100 model was dropped.


New hood, fender, grille and rectangular headlights created a more sculpted look. New instrument panel. Tailgate redesigned for easier use. Ramcharger updated with an integrated steel roof. Intermittent wipers. Models now referenced as Ram for two-wheel drive models and Power Ram for fourwheel drive models.


Miser option package was offered. Featured 225 slant six engine, bright finish grille, bright wheel covers, ram's head hood ornament, gold body stripes (tape), deluxe pleated vinyl seat, wood-toned instrument panel and colorkeyed carpeting.


Auto-locking hubs available for four-wheel drive models.


D100 returns as the entry level model.


Four-wheel drive transfer cases could be shifted into and out of four-wheel drive at speeds up to 55 miles per hour.


New grille style, featuring four large openings and new front bumper, gave the front end a cleaner look. Crew cab and Utiline bed options were dropped.


Full length door panels added. Oil pressure gauge, temperature gauge and trip odometer standard on all trucks.


3.9L V6 introduced. Throttle body injection added to 3.9L and 5.2L engines. 5.2L engines gained a 20 percent increase in power.


5.9L direct injected Cummins turbo diesel engine added. 5.9L gasoline engine received throttle body fuel injection.


Club Cab returns. New heavy-duty four-speed overdrive transmission was optional. Anti-lock rear brakes were standard for Ramcharger models.


New grille design. Air charge intercooler added to diesel models, and modifications to cylinder heads and pistons further reduced emissions on diesel-equipped models. 150S replaces 100 as the entry level model.


3.9L V6 and 5.2L V8 engines were upgraded to sequential multi-port fuel injection and given the name Magnum. 3.9L V6 power increased 45 percent and 5.2L power increased 30 percent.


5.9L V8 engine is brought into the Magnum engine family, receiving multi-port fuel injection and an increase of 25 horsepower and 30 ft-lbs of torque.