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We are excited that you've decided to make us a part of your journey! Whether you are rebuilding from the ground up or just adding some distinctive touches to your vehicle, we are proud to give you a hand.

In addition, we'd love to see what you've been up to with your projects, so please log on to and share your stories and pictures.

Understand that we are not trained automotive technicians. We want you to consult with mechanics regarding technical advice. Technical information is also included in the workshop manuals shown in this catalog. Please take the time to consult these resources if you feel you need to.

On those occasions that we've run out of a part on your order, chances are that it's already on its way to us. These items are listed as backordered on your invoice and will be sent your way as soon as possible. If you're not interested in waiting for your backordered product, just call our customer service line at (800) 562-8782, and we will cancel it and refund any money that has been paid.

You can also write "No Backorders" on your order form before you send it to us, and we'll make sure only to ship the products we currently have in stock. 

Some parts have extra charges. Please consult Abbreviations & Codes to make sure you understand these charges and so you aren't surprised later.

And one more thing, the part our lawyers make us say: We reserve the right to refuse service or shipment to anyone. We reserve the right to collect a service charge of $20 for a returned check and to hold any shipments until the fee is collected. 

Thank you for your support. Best of luck with all your projects!