1966-77 Ford Bronco Vehicle History

1966-77 Ford Bronco


The latest addition to the truck line was the four-wheel drive Bronco utility vehicle. Built on a 92 inch wheel base, the Bronco was powered by the 170ci inline six, and later in the year, the 289ci V8 became optional. The Bronco was available in three styles: the standard Bronco was the roadster, with no roof or doors and a fold-down windshield; the sport utility was a pickup with a bolted-on, removable steel roof over the front seat; and the Bronco wagon came with a full-length roof and large side windows.


New additions to the basically unchanged Bronco included variable-speed windshield wipers, padded sun visors, back-up lights, a dual master brake cylinder and self-adjusting brakes. The sports utility model is now called a pickup. A new Sport Package available for the wagon and pickup included bright horn rings, headlight bezels, tail light bezels, tailgate handle, windshield rails, instrument panel trim, side window frames, a grille, chrome plated bumpers with bumper guards, dual armrests, trimmed headboard liner, wheel covers, cigar lighter and a floor mat for the wagon.


The Bronco continued with the same body shell. The front bumpers were new, featuring curved rather than squared off ends. The interior's door handles and window cranks were improved, and a heater and defroster were standard. Freewheeling front hubs and the Bronco's swing away spare tire carrier were new.


The Bronco roadster model was deleted and the other Bronco models got minor cosmetic changes. However, many mechanical improvements were made to reduce noise and improve Bronco's structural integrity, including elimination of the Bronco's folding windshield.


The most noticeable change on the Bronco was the now flush mounted side marker lamps, which were positioned higher than the original reflectors. The base engine was still the 170ci, 105hp inline six. The Sport Package still included bright exterior moldings and trim, an argent grille, Parchment pleated upholstery, floor mats, lighter, chrome front and rear bumpers, wheel covers and Sport Bronco emblem.


Basically no changes were made to the Bronco. It did get a heavier duty front axle and 12.7 gallon gas tank. Only three speed manual transmission available.


Basically no changes were made to the Bronco. When fitted with the optional 302ci V8 engine, bucket seats and a 3.5:1 rear axle were included.


Bronco now one model series, as the pickup version was dropped. Base engine was 200ci version of the inline six, and the 302ci V8 was optional. Power steering and the Cruise-O-Matic transmission were new options on V8 equipped Broncos.


Exterior was unchanged. Selector dial for transmission was lighted and a dome light replaced the map light, which became an option. New is a different steering gear mechanism. Six cylinder engine was phased out during the year.


Exterior was unchanged but underwent several mechanical changes, including new use of a catalytic converter.


Mechanical enhancements like heavier axle and front disc brakes were made. New options included front stabilizer bar, quicker power steering system and heavy-duty shocks. Also new was the Special Decor Group consisting of a blacked-out grille, color-keyed hood and bodyside tape stripe, bright windshield moldings and window frames and bright wheel covers. 200ci inline six with a 3 speed transmission. Optional was the 302ci V8 and Cruise-O-Matic automatic transmission.


The Bronco had minor refinements for its last year with this body style.

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