1973-79 Ford Truck & Bronco Vehicle History

1973-79 F-Series


The F-Series were redesigned in 1973 although the styling remained similar to the 1972 truck. The parking lights were moved above the headlights and the grille had rectangular slots divided by a vertical center bar. The side marker lights were located by a concave groove on the body side, which previously was a spear. The series emblem is located beneath the groove on the front fender, behind the wheel well.


There were no exterior styling changes made on the 1974 trucks. The Super Cab was introduced.


No exterior styling changes were made, but some interior trim and upholstery changes were made. The F150 was introduced with a GVW rating of 6,050 lb. It came with heavier springs and axles. Packages available: Northland Special, Ranger and Ranger XLT.


F-Series trucks received a new grille with the familiar split grille frame. Headlights were set in blacked out bezels and rectangular grille openings were larger. At midyear amber parking light lenses were replaced with clear lenses. The F100 Stepside itted with the pre-1972 style 6-1/2 foot box is added. Spring of 1976 this old style box was replaced by a more 90° Stepside body.


Minor details made the 1977 truck different from the 1976 models. Side nameplates were redesigned, and the fuel iller door was now rectangular and lush with the body side. New hubcaps and wheel covers were added.


New grille design was added to F-Series trucks. The split grille was replaced by a 1-piece design.

1978-79 Bronco


Beginning with the 1978 model year, Bronco was completely redesigned, bearing no relationship with the earlier models. 1978-79 Bronco is built on an F150 pickup chassis. The 1978-79 models are identical insofar as equipment goes. Engine availability was limited to a base 351 ci V8 with an optional 400 V8 also available.

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